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Size in millimetres:

– 248mm (length) x 186mm (width) x 35mm (height).



– Drainball 2-in-1 wooden gamebox with marbles.

– Arcade variation with playing cards.

– Removable top piece for the Gully Zone mini game.

– Made in the UK.


Product includes:

– 20 marbles in two different colours (10 marbles per player).

– 2 marble bag holders (1 for each colour).

– 19 playing cards (including the rules card and card case).

– 2 sticks for the Gully Zone mini game.

– Game instructions.



The main game can also be played with three or four players;

however, more marbles will be required.

– Three player game: 30 marbles required (three different colours).

– Four player game: 40 marbles required (four different colours).

– This game is compatible with 15mm & 16mm marbles.